‏@Harry_Styles: I’m supporting @UN_Women and @EmWatson in #HeForShe As should you..

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"I was like ‘yo josh, whatever you do, don’t make a kissy face’" 

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ot5 update: 

- niall outchea e-shooting at brave civilians on insta

- zayn is lingering around new orleans with poland looking like a 2010 louis/2007 pete wentz hybrid

- harley is engaging in white feminist activity and nobody’s surprised

- liam doesn’t understand the concept of a default twitter icon

- louis?????????? is he alive

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I’d been on a bike ride, and I was returning a bike I’d rented, to the shop. And then I got a call saying that we were #1. And um, I think I didn’t really hear it properly cause I had a man shouting at me, cause I was holding the bike wrong.. and the chain had fallen off. And it was a bit hectic. And then I put the phone down, gave the bike back, and then I was like…”sick.” 

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temporarily falling in love with strangers is my greatest talent

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The 1975 ‘Girls’

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Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.

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Haymitch + giving Katniss advice
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emma watson: gets casted as the female lead in one of history's biggest movie franchises
emma watson: spends the next decade slaying as hermione granger
emma watson: manages to flim 8 movies as a teenager AND get amazing grades
emma watson: gets accepted to Brown, an IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY
emma watson: overcomes the struggle of leaving home to go to college overseas
emma watson: completes her degree despite always having to deal with the fact that she's a huge celebrity among regular college students
emma watson: delivers an empowering, wonderfully thoughtful, honest speech about gender equality
emma watson: is intelligent, down-to-earth, kind and sweet
emma watson: is also ridiculously hot
emma watson: is perfect human
crusty men living in their parents basements: shit
crusty men living in their parents basements: i feel so threatened rn
crusty men living in their parents basements: let's leak her nudes
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