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"Decades ago, our ancestors realized that it is not political ideology, religious belief, race, or nationalism that is to blame for a warring world. Rather, they determined that it was the fault of human personality-of humankind’s inclination toward evil, in whatever form that is. They divided into factions that sought to eradicate those qualities they believed responsible for the world’s disarray."

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what a great nap, i feel totally disoriented and i’m frothing with hate 

isn’t this how attack on titan started

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My part I of a two part series on Pope Francis and why I think he rocks!  There has been a backlash against religiosity lately with all that is going on in the world and folks like him definitely help restore your faith!

I’m agnostic bordering on atheist and this man warms my heart. He is what we should all strive to be.

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Leonardo DiCaprio getting hella turnt

the guy in the orange pants thrusting uncontrollably in leonardo dicaprio’s direction is me

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This thing wants to possess someone and it choses Stiles? 

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everyone is getting into relationships and growing up and im just getting lazier and finding more tv series to watch

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 marjam diederich

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